I am happily married with two sons four step-sons, daughter-in-laws, many grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.  We are blessed with a diverse family, some interested in sports, some interested in music, some interested in running marathons and biking, one interested in Yo-yo’s and Spin Tops, several who play pool for fun, a mechanic, a cabinet maker, a computer planner, some artists, and some with other talents.

I have not only studied and made a living with the practice of law; I have also had the benefit of its use in my personal life.

I have been through a divorce; with child custody and child support issues.  I have helped family members get through divorces, and paternity matters.  I am personally familiar with adoption.  I have prepared Powers of Attorney for Health Care and a Health Care Directive for myself.  I have prepared Durable Powers of Attorney for myself in case I am temporarily or permanently incapacitated. I have what I hope will be a very workable estate planning vehicle in place through a Living Trust. I have prepared similar documents for family. 

I am a member of the City of Jefferson City Chamber of Commerce.  I serve on the Cole County Dental, Eye and Shoe Program, a United Way Agency which helps pay for dental care, eye exams and glasses, any buys shoes for children in the free and reduced lunch program.  I have supported the drive to rid people of Cancer through the American Cancer Society, and specially the Relay for Life event.  I served on the Board of the Rape and Abuse Crisis Service for many years, trying to help fund and keep a place for women and children to seek shelter and get counseling when abused by husbands and fathers.  I have served on the Board of Directors of the YMCA; I have served on many committees and Boards for the First United Methodist Church.  I have served on the Board of Capitol Region Medical Center, and previously Memorial Community Hospital. 

You will find my husband and me at many of the Little Theatre events, and some of the other  community arts activities in town.  Don’t hesitate to stop me and introduce yourself.

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Christina R. Neff Attorney At Law
1739 East Elm Street Ste 102
Jefferson City MO 65101
(573) 635-7379


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