Everyone needs an estate plan.  If you have a checking account in your name alone, or a car titled in your name alone, you already have a plan.  If you become incompetent, the probate court will control who manages the checking account and car after a Conservator is appointed for the person. An incompetent person will need a Guardian.  If you die, what happens to the checking account and the car will depend on the creditors who file a claim and the probate court’s decisions with your appointed Personal Representative. There is a cost for either of these procedures, and often attorneys are involved.

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For over thirty years I have helped the persons who file to be a Guardian over the Person, a Conservator over the Estate of an Incompetent, and a Personal Representatives of a Decedent’s Estate.  These are important jobs, and are often left to be handled under a stressful situation.  To give you an Example: If you are 24 years of age, unmarried, the father of a young son, the user of a checking account, the owner of a car, an employee with a life insurance policy and a small 401K through work, you need estate planning with an attorney. If you are an eighty year old widowed person, with no children, who rents an apartment, does not own a car, has some investments, and has no debts, you may need to do some estate planning. If you are anywhere in your wage earning years, married or single, accumulating assets, raising children or have raised children, have investments, life insurance, a home, vehicles, you need estate planning.

You need to have some knowledge of how to appoint the person you choose to do handle jobs, when you become incompetent, or die.  You need to have some knowledge of what documents are needed for each job.  Everyone wants to decide how their bills are paid, where they are buried, who decides how to raise their children, and who gets their assets.  Do not leave it up to the method the government has laid out for you.

For over thirty years I have prepared some or all of the following documents to help clients manage their lives while they are healthy and able to make their own decisions, and later when they become incompetent, and after death.

Documents every person should have, or discuss other options with me:
  • A will
  • A Power of Attorney for Financial Decisions (Durable Power of Attorney)
  • A Power of Attorney for Health Care Decisions
  • A Health Care Directive
  • A Beneficiary Deed
  • A Revocable Living Trust
I rarely charge for a consultation, unless your matter is complicated.  I charge for the time to create your documents, after you and I decide which ones are necessary for your goals.

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Your matter will be very carefully discussed and managed with you involved in all decisions.


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