I have handled many adoption cases.  I give legal advice for Step Parent Adoptions, Agency Placement Adoptions, Private Adoptions, Closed and Open Adoptions, and Contested Adoptions.  Call me at CHRISTINA R. NEFF at 573-635-7379 to discuss your situation.

I serve as the attorney for the Adoptive Parents, helping them to file all the necessary paperwork with the Circuit Court.  This paperwork often includes a home study, a Petition, a Consent to Adoption by each biological parent and each named putative father, a Motion and Order to Appoint a Guardian Ad Litem for the child, an Affidavit of Expenses, a Temporary Order of Custody and a Judgment and Decree of Adoption.  There are often two hearings involved.

I serve as Guardian ad Litem for the child/children.  A Guardian ad Litem is a court-appointed position, where the attorney acts as the child’s counsel. This involves reviewing all the paperwork to make sure it will meet the legal requirements, meeting with the adoptive parents, and conducting an age-appropriate interview with the child.

I serve as attorney for the Birth Mother, the Birth Father, or the “named” Birth Father. This involves informing the “parent” of all of his/her legal rights.  There may be a paternity test.   I sometimes need the “parent” to appear at the court hearing to verify the signing of the Consent to Termination of Parental Rights and Adoption.

In an open adoption there is often a contract stating the parties’ responsibilities to keep each other informed and exchange photos and visits.

Contact me at CHRISTINA R. NEFF at 573-635-7379 to make an appointment to discuss the type of adoption you have, the paperwork that will be needed in your individual case, and the timeline that will apply.  The costs will vary depending on the type of adoption and the ease or difficulty in securing the Consents or litigating the termination of a parent’s rights.  I will quote you a fee for the work to be performed based on time and complexity, so that you can make realistic decisions.


All communications with this office even in anticipation of scheduling an appointment, are confidential.  However, no attorney/client relationship exists until you sign an employment contract. 
CHRISTINA R. NEFF at 573-635-7379

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